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Avery Bradley, Devin Ebanks AND Samardo Samuels Staying in NBA Draft

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I've decided to do a morning link dump to all of the NBA draft-relevant articles I find each day on the internet. Mostly to keep me informed, but you may as well get something out of it as well! Let me know if you'd like to see anything changed.

Avery Bradley’s college career is over. The Texas freshman guard, according to multiple sources, will sign with an agent – likely Dan Fegan - and forgo his remaining years of college eligibility. The 6-foot-2 Bradley played exclusively at shooting guard for Rick Barnes, but some NBA executives project him as a point guard in the NBA.

This isn't all that surprising, but it wouldn't have hurt to stay at Texas for another season. It also wouldn't have helped his ability to prove himself as a point guard, however, as Cory Joseph recently committed to Rick Barnes' program.

WVU's Ebanks signs agent, says goodbye - Mike Casazza - Charleston Daily Mail
Devin Ebanks ended whatever suspense remained concerning his future with the West Virginia basketball program Tuesday night. The sophomore forward from Long Island City, N.Y., who entered the NBA draft last month said he's signed with an agent, an act that formally ends his days as a college player.

"This is goodbye," said Ebanks. "I'm in a position right now to be drafted high, so this is the end for me."

I didn't think Ebanks was a lock for the first round (Both Draft Express and Chad Ford had him ranked 29th), but I take this to assume he's certain that he is.

Sources: Louisville Cardinals center Samardo Samuels to hire agent, keep name in NBA Draft - ESPN
Louisville sophomore center Samardo Samuels will keep his name in the draft and retain the services of an agent, multiple sources have told

Samuels is considered a fringe second-round pick and his entry into the draft shocked Louisville coaches and administrators, who believed he was making a mistake. But sources say there will be no turning back for the 6-foot-9 Samuels, who projects as a tweener between center and power forward in the NBA.

I really didn't expect to see him keep his name in because the chances of him sneaking into the first round are VERY slim but if he's ready to play professional basketball, someone will pay him. For what it's worth, Chad Ford ranked him 85th while DX had him 70th.

Players choosing to leave high school early for college - ESPN
On separate paths through their junior years of high school, each 6-foot-3 guard -- Carlino in Indiana and Wilbekin in Florida -- decided to go to college a year ahead of schedule to play basketball. Carlino committed last week to UCLA, Wilbekin two weeks ago to Florida. Neither began his junior year planning on early graduation; for both, the idea emerged a few months ago.

Graduating high school early, or "reclassifying," might not yet qualify as a trend, but it's not an underground movement, either.

I wasn't all that aware of this becoming more common, but if the student is able to graduate a year early, why not? I also need to find out what this does for their NBA draft eligibility - does this mean their part of this year's graduating class or next?

DraftExpress: Finding a Niche for Gordon Hayward
Looking at Hayward’s body of work, it is difficult to knock what he could bring to the table in a complementary role. Smart and savvy, he is a coach’s dream. But his lack of athleticism raises questions about his long-term potential. Hayward is being projected all over the board at this point. It will be interesting to see how his stock changes throughout the draft process.

Great breakdown of Gordon Hayward's game. He probably won't be one to help his draft stock in the coming weeks unless teams want to see his jump shot improve - because it's there, despite what you might have been led to believe.

Lance Stephenson among Cincinnati scholar-athletes -- Cincinnati Enquirer
Lance Stephenson, who has decided to leave UC after one basketball season for the NBA draft, is the Bearcats’ scholar-athlete for winter quarter in men’s basketball. He was majoring in Exploratory Studies.

Selfish, locker room cancer, headache, whatever knocks people want to put on him - at least we know he was doing well in his Exploratory Studies classes!

Illinois' Demetri McCamey changes NBA workout plans - ESPN Chicago
Illinois junior guard Demetri McCamey has decided to work out for the Houston Rockets instead of the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday, according to an Illinois spokesperson. Illini junior forward Mike Davis will still work out for the Trail Blazers, as previously reported.

Either way, he probably won't stay in the draft. This is at least Houston's second draft prospect workout, by the way.

Sounds like Jrue will represent the Sixers at the lottery - Liberty Ballers
Justin Bieber weeps.

Justin Bieber probably would have been a trending topic on Twitter if he would've got the nomination.

Your Daily Da'Sean Butler Update - The Charleston Gazette
"I'm not really in the loop on most of that stuff, but what I hear is nothing but positives,'' Butler said. "Teams have called my trainers and asked me to fill out things. My agent went to Portsmouth and talked to pretty much every single NBA scout and they all told him not to worry about it, that I'll be drafted. And that's not bad at all.''

"You can't help but look at the reality of the situation, which in my case was that I had worked myself into something and then I lost it,'' Butler said. "But I always look at the positives of everything. No, I'm not going to get guaranteed money right off the bat, but even if I just go and get a one-year contract and work hard and they keep me, then I get guaranteed money the next year. It's all up to me.''

And last, but not least, your daily Da'Sean Butler update! As long as he gets drafted, and is able to as-close-as-possible-to-fully recover, I like his chances in the NBA.