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NBA Summer League Rosters - Orlando

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With the NBA Summer League(s) right around the corner, and Ridiculous Upside's draft coverage sufficiently wrapped up with this brilliant draft grade article from TAFKAMichaelBourn, I figured this morning would be the perfect time to begin our month(ish) long coverage of the NBA Summer League. (Vegas Summer League Roster can be found here)

First, though, I highly suggest you go here and drop a measly $10.95 (Early bird special!) to have access to all of the Summer League games - both live and on demand - starting with Evan Turner versus Derrick Favors on July 5th.  I'll be in Vegas for the entire Summer League and I'm still planning on spending that money just to be able to catch the Orlando games (and for the  archived footage).

I plan on updating this as often as possible, so please bookmark this instead of looking at it today and assuming it'll never be updated.

Boston Celtics Summer League Roster

PG - JayCee Carroll, Oliver Lafayette

SG - Rodney Green, Ryan Thompson, Matt Janning

SF - DeShawn Sims, Ryan Wittman

PF - Luke Harangody, Tony Gaffney

C - Semih Erden, Artsiom Parakhouski,Vyacheslav Kravstov

Coach -

Boston Celtics Summer League Schedule - 7/5 vs Oklahoma City, 7/6 vs Philadelphia, 7/7 vs Charlotte, 7/8 vs Indiana, 7/9 vs New Jersey

Charlotte Bobcats Summer League Roster (Mini-Camp Invites are official)

PG - Jeremy Pargo, Sherron Collins, Denis Clemente

SG - Antonio Anderson, Jerel McNeal, Justin Dentmon, Brandon Hazzard

SF - Gerald Henderson, Darius Miles, P.J. Tucker, Marquis Gilstrap

PF - Derrick Brown, Nate Jawai, Shawne Williams, Brandon Bowman, Tyren Johnson

C - Alexis Ajinca, Pape Sow, Alade Aminu

Coach -

Charlotte Bobcats Summer League Schedule - 7/5 vs Utah, 7/6 vs Oklahoma City, 7/7 vs Boston Celtics, 7/8 vs Philadelphia, 7/9 vs Orlando

Indiana Pacers Summer League Roster (Source)

PG - Russell Robinson, Thomas Huertel

SG - Lance Stephenson, Bryce Taylor, Chris Kramer

SF - Paul George, Marcus Williams, Marcus Landry

PF - Richard Hendrix, James Mays, Magnum Rolle, Adam Koch

C - Josh McRoberts, Darryl Watkins

Coach -

Indiana Pacers Summer League Schedule - 7/5 vs Orlando, 7/6 vs New Jersey, 7/7 vs Utah, 7/8 vs Boston 7/9 vs Oklahoma City

New Jersey Nets Summer League Roster (Source)

PG - Gabe Pruitt, Ben Uzoh, A.J. Abrams, Tweety Carter

SG - Terrence Williams, Brandon Heath, Alex Ruoff

SF - Damion James, James Peters

PF - Derrick Favors, Wayne Chism, Lance Thomas, Jakim Donaldson, Vernon Goodridge

C - Garrett Siler, Connor Atchley, Brian Zoubek, Cezary Trybanski

Coach -

New Jersey Nets Summer League Schedule -7/5 vs Philadelphia, 7/6 vs Indiana, 7/7 vs Orlando, 7/8 vs Utah, 7/9 vs Boston

Oklahoma City Thunder Summer League Roster

PG - Eric Maynor, Kyle Weaver

SG - James Harden, Matt Janning

SF - Robert Vaden, Ryan Reid

PF - D.J. White, Latavious Williams, Marcus Lewis

C - Serge Ibaka, Byron Mullens,

Coach -

Oklahoma City Thunder Summer League Schedule - 7/5 vs Boston, 7/6 vs Charlotte, 7/7 vs Philadelphia, 7/8 vs Orlando, 7/9 vs Indiana

Orlando Magic Summer League Roster (Official)

PG - Jerome Randle, Curtis Stinson, Sean Singletary

SG - Joe Crawford, Donell Taylor

SF - Stanley Robinson, Patrick Ewing Jr.

PF - Jeff Adrien, Trey Gilder, Yaroslav Korolev, Ben McCauley

C - Daniel Orton, Paul Davis, Vladimir Stimac

Coach -

Orlando Magic Summer League Schedule - 7/5 vs Indiana, 7/6 vs Utah, 7/7 vs New Jersey, 7/8 vs Oklahoma City, 7/9 vs Charlotte

Philadelphia 76ers Summer League Roster (Official)

PG - Jrue Holiday, Mike Green

SG - Evan Turner, Jodie Meeks, Ryan Brooks

SF - Ndudi Ebi, Obi Muonelo

PF - Marreese Speights, Jason Love

C - Trent Plaisted, DeVon Hardin

Coach -

Philadelphia 76ers Summer League Schedule - 7/5 vs New Jersey, 7/6 vs Boston, 7/7 vs Oklahoma City, 7/8 vs Charlotte, 7/9 vs Utah

Utah Jazz Summer League Roster

PG - Sundiata Gaines, Tyrese Rice, Dominic Waters

SG - Othyus Jeffers,

SF - Gordon Hayward, Demetris Nichols, Paul Harris, Thomas Gardner, Bernard Robinson

PF - Jermareo Davidson, Jeremy Evans, James Augustine, Tadija Dragicevic, Darian Townes

C - Rod Benson

Utah Jazz Summer League Schedule - 7/5 vs Charlotte, 7/6 vs Orlando, 7/7 vs Indiana, 7/8 vs New Jersey, 7/9 vs Philadelphia