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Orlando Summer League Day 3 Preview

Today's action in Orlando's version of the NBA Summer League begins with Gerald Henderson and the Charlotte Bobcats versus Oliver Lafayette's Boston Celtics.  One was a D-League player that has looked pretty good so far thus Summer, while the other has looked good this Summer - but probably should have been assigned to the D-League this past season.

As I've mentioned over and over again (I'll use this link everyday to keep Michael Levin happy), the majority of these games will be available on NBA TV. For those that don't have access to NBA TV (like me), however, there is the availability to watch all of the Summer League games online for $14.95 - as well as the chance to watch games on demand.

As per usual, I've hidden "what to watch for" after the jump!

1 p.m. - Charlotte Bobcats vs. Boston Celtics

Bobcats Free Agent To Watch: Jeremy Pargo.

Can Jannero's brother build on yesterday's excitingly sloppy game winner?  Can he slow down Oliver Lafayette? How long until the Bobcats decide to take a longer look at Sherron Collins?  Lots of questions I have for Pargo.  If he gets them right, he could be on an NBA roster next year.

Celtics Free Agent To Watch: JayCee Carroll.

After Jon L made him the second honorable mention in the day 2 recap yesterday, it'll be a good challenge for Carroll to see if he can do enough to make it in the top three today - after all, who doesn't want to be a Monstar?

3 p.m. - Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Thunder Free Agent To Watch: Mustafa Shakur.

We already know what he brings to the table, but since he's the only free agent that the Thunder are currently playing he gets this role anyway.

76ers Free Agent To Watch: Mike Green.

The 6-foot-1 point guard had nine points and three assists while filling in for a slumping Jrue Holiday yesterday, but I think the best part about his game is probably the +21.  It'll be tough to do that again against the likes of Eric Maynor and Shakur, but if he's able to do as much he'll make himself look pretty good.

5 p.m. - New Jersey Nets vs. Orlando Magic

Nets Free Agent To Watch: Connor Atchley

Jon L ignored him on the Monstars list yesterday despite Atchley scoring nine points on an efficient 4-of-7 shooting from the field.  Methinks he'll have to do more in the blocks/steals category to get a serious look, but if his shot is falling he immediately becomes an interesting prospect.

Magic Free Agent To Watch: Patrick Ewing, Jr.

We've seen one very good day from Ewing (Tuesday) and one terrible day from the coach's son (Monday).  Let's see which version we see today.

7 p.m. - Indiana Pacers vs. Utah Jazz

Pacers Free Agent To Watch: Richard Hendrix.

Why can't he get any playing time?  Do the Pacers really think Magnum Rolle is that much better than him?

Jazz Free Agent To Watch: James Augustine.

He's played very well two days in a row - can he make it three?