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Bruce Pearl, Mo Baker And Sean Banks News Because Of The NBA Lockout

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Typically around this time of year, the talk of the town would revolve around players being signed to NBA training camp rosters and other fun stuff. The NBA lockout has put a kibosh on that, however, and I've decided to post some links on this lovely Monday morning in lieu of forcing the Mad Ant down your gullets for a fourth consecutive day.

I know what you're probably thinking: "C'mon, Scott! Can't you post another Bruce Pearl and the Texas Legends and yada yada yada story again!?" The fact of the matter is that, no, I can't, because nothing is happening with him right now.

I am soon holding what's called a Facetweet conference with the Mad Ant and one percent Legends owner J.R. Slagendorff to figure out exactly what's going on around the D-League that's worth writing about.

Until Slagendorff finds Pearl in the Rockies or where ever he's currently looking, however, here's a look at other things ancillarily related to the D-League!

First up, InterAKTV had a great feature on former D-League All-Star -- and few-time NBA call-up -- Maurice Baker and his current role in the Philippines. I've always liked Baker, but if I didn't, this story would probably push me toward becoming a fan.  

Next up, on a depressing note, long-time D-Leaguer Sean Banks was arrested and is probably going to get convicted of numerous felonies. Matt Moore does excellent work of putting the story into perspective.

Honestly, that's about the extent of things I found interesting related to the D-League over the weekend. Anything else anyone would like to talk about? New Jersey Shore?