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NBA Development League Perking Interest Of Big Time Companies

With MGM Resorts and the Springfield Armor inking a partnership deal, and the CBS Sports Network set to deliver NBA D-League coverage for the first time, the NBADL is on the rise and on the minds of big time corporations.

The NBA D-League and it's teams are becoming a popular investment
The NBA D-League and it's teams are becoming a popular investment
NBA Development League

It was first announced that the CBS Sports Network will be carrying 10 regular season games, two games from the NBADL Showcase, and exclusive D-League finals coverage for the first time this season. Then came the partnership deal between MGM Resorts International and the Springfield Armor, between these two business agreements the NBA D-League is clearly on the radar of the heavy hitters in the business world. The league continues to grow and gain popularity, with investments similar to CBS Sports and MGM Resorts, the D-League's future looks even brighter.

Perhaps it was the notoriety which Linsanity brought towards the D-League last year? Or, the numerous records that the league itself broke in a shortened season because of the lockout? Whatever the reason, the D-League seems to be growing in popularity at an incredible pace, and picking up steam as we head into the 2012-2013 season.

The Springfield Armor will don the logo of MGM Springfield this season in a first-of-it's-kind partnership as it was recently announced a few days ago. This deal similar to what BBVA invested in during last year's playoffs, marks the willingness of companies associate themselves with teams and the league. The business world is buying into the D-League, and it is only helping to promote the league as it looks to expand and bolster itself in the basketball landscape.

The CBS Sports Network deal is huge for the league, it is the 24-hour cable home for CBS Sports. Like the D-League, the network itself is growing. They broadcast over 350 games annually, and showcase more than 30 men's and women's sports. In addition to their live game coverage, the network also boasts sports-based studio shows and original programs. CBS has strengthened their basketball juice by snagging Doug Gottlieb away from ESPN, and their weekly show titled "NBA Action" has commenced as well. Their commitment to live D-League coverage only adds to the depth of their hoops broadcasting.

Surely, this is only the beginning of large well-known corporations investing in the NBA D-League. It will be exciting to see who's next in associating themselves with the league as the future continues to look promising in terms of growth and awareness.