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Will Juan Dixon Be Latest NBA Veteran To Include D-League On His Comeback Trail?

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After watching Antoine Walker and Antonio Daniels headline the array of estranged NBA veterans using the D-League to carve a way back into The Association, could former Wizards guard Juan Dixon also use the minors as his pathway?


Over the past two seasons in the D-League, long-time NBA veterans Antoine Walker and Antonio Daniels set quite the example for estranged players looking to use the minor league as their potential pathway back to The Association.

Whereas Daniels achieved the ultimate goal, joining the 76ers for a brief stint in 2011, Walker spent the majority of his final two professional campaigns in the NBADL. Despite not making it back to the big league, the former Celtics star instead further realized his passion for coaching. His time in the D-League may have helped him carve out a new career path.

Regardless of the extent of their actual accomplishment(s), the potential for an NBA return has been enough for a bevy of fellow past veterans to follow in the pair's footsteps.

Could the next in line to give it a try be former Wizards' guard Juan Dixon? Now 34 years old, the Maryland product is reportedly eyeing another chance in the NBA after stepping away in 2009.

But exactly just how he'll get there remains a question. Though many players venture overseas to get their basketball careers back on track, Dixon is well past attempting something like that. The guard is said to be eyeing a stateside opportunity after already donning uniforms in Spain, Greece, and Turkey. A return to Europe is not in the cards.

Dixon's basketball journey has been filled with highlights many aspiring players only get to dream about. From winning an NCAA champion, to playing alongside Michael Jordan in Washington, the guard went on to spend 7 seasons in the NBA. He owns an 8.4 point per game career average.

Since last pouring in the points during international play, Dixon has recently returned home to Maryland, where he's been training hard at his ala-matter. As he hopes to catch the eye of an NBA executive or two while working his way back, what's the best way for the combo guard to get noticed once again?

All signs logically point towards a stint in the NBA D-League, where Dixon could once again strut his stuff and prove he's got something left in his basketball tank.

Playing in the minors may not be the most glamorous opportunity for an NBA veteran, but it may be the best chance Dixon's got. Such a stint would keep him stateside, all the while also putting him front and center as staffers from The Association look for players to step in and add some value to their big league rosters.

Dixon was always a player able to score in bunches, so if he were able to display that ability once more in the D-League, perhaps he'll prove he can still provide a team with a boost off the bench. Should he need any motivation, the 34 year old would have to look no further than at fellow vets like Daniels and Mike James, who received call-ups to playoff contenders in recent seasons.

There's no official word as to whether or not Dixon will ultimately consider the NBADL, but as he looks at the groundwork set by some of his predecessors, a stint in the minors has become the essential norm for re-emerging NBA journeymen looking for another shot.