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Key NBA Injuries Give D-League Fans A Chance To Watch Star Players Up Close

A slew of NBA players have fallen victim to injuries around the league, and with NBA teams having the ability to rework these players into game shape via the NBA D-League, basketball fans in D-League cities may have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of their favorite NBA star.

Could Iman Shumpert be in line for a D-League rehab stint?
Could Iman Shumpert be in line for a D-League rehab stint?

The injury bug is on the loose as of late in the NBA, players are falling by the wayside and severely affecting their team's chances at establishing themselves with a decent record to start the season. Now, it's obviously impossible to avoid injuries altogether, and as there seems to be nothing positive to draw from such circumstances, fans located out in places where D-League teams call home might be thinking otherwise.

There are star players who are currently rehabbing and recovering from set backs they experienced before this season unfolded; John Wall, Ricky Rubio, Avery Bradley and Iman Shumpert. It may still be a bit of stretch to think that one of these players will be using the D-League at some point during their return to the NBA hardwood. However, with NBA teams willing to utilize their D-League affiliates now more than ever, perhaps fans in Iowa have enough realistic hope to cling onto in being able to witness say...John Wall...tear it up in Wells Fargo Arena. It could happen.

As this NBA season continues to move along, more and more injuries will surely take place. While general basketball fans may not exactly be crossing their fingers in hopes of seeing their favorite young star going down for any set amount of time, it does leave D-League fans the opportunity to fire off a hypothetical tweet along the lines of "#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen you look at the calendar to see if a player's injury timetable jives with your NBADL team's home schedule."

The rehab aspect of the D-League is both exciting for fans, but also for players, coaches and personnel. The NBA is the home to the world's best basketball talent, and one would think that having the ability to play alongside or coach any of the league's top young talent, by way of a rehab stint, would be an experience not taken for granted by those who would experience it.

The ability to rehab player's injuries in the NBA D-League is one more reason why basketball aficionados are paying more attention to the league's happenings. With the season set to begin this Friday, look for the D-League to be heavily involved in this year's NBA season, and a likely landing spot for a key rehab assignment.