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Coming to YouTube This Basketball Season: The NBA D-League

After the NBA experienced success sharing content over the years on YouTube, The Association reached an agreement to provide the video-sharing company with exclusive content from its minor league on a nightly basis. YouTube will start streaming full live games and archive other goodies & highlights from the D-League this season.

YouTube co-founder Steve Chen at an NBA game last season
YouTube co-founder Steve Chen at an NBA game last season
Ezra Shaw

Hundreds of promising basketball prospects have come to star on the D-League stage over the years. Each one comes to the minor league for the same thing: pure and utter exposure.

Exposure is the name of the game. Of course, the skill set and abilities of these respective players certainly play a role in them eventually receiving that coveted call-up. That said, getting noticed for those same talents is just as much of the battle.

Priding itself on providing an array of up and comers a place to shine, the NBADL is now eyeing a bit more exposure to benefit their own cause.

On Monday, the league announced an exclusive partnership with YouTube. Such an agreement will not only grant fans the opportunity to watch minor league contests on YouTube on a nightly basis, but also provide them with an archive full of D-League highlights and other goodies as the season progresses.

Still making strides to become fully embraced and utilized by its parent NBA squads as the official minor league system of The Association, it's clear the sixteen team league could use all the attention they can get. The D-League will feature more live games on YouTube than any other professional sports league.

Known for its own bevy of innovative moves and initiatives as it continues to flourish, the NBADL may have found the perfect partner in YouTube. Over the years, viewers have been able to log on to the video-sharring website to watch exclusive events like live concerts, political speeches/debates, and much more.

As per the company's agreement with the D-League, they'll now be able to further satisfy the casual and/or passion sports fan's craving for competition. Anywhere. Anytime.

In doing so, not only will basketball fans be able to have a more in-depth look at some of the league's diamond in the rough type prospects, but the door will now be open for general fans to discover and experience what the NBADL has to offer.

Needless to say, the opportunity is a groundbreaking one for all parties involved. For more on the deal, read below for a snippet of the NBA D-League's official press release:

As a result of today's announcement, the NBA D-League, the NBA's official minor league, will feature the most live games on YouTube by a major professional sports league.

"The NBA's latest initiative with YouTube marks another milestone in our partnership and a great way to tip off the 12th season of the NBA Development League," said Silver. "By turning to our longtime partner, YouTube, we are able to bring the NBA D-League to basketball fans around the world, further expanding the league's growth and showcasing future NBA stars."

"As one of the world's most popular sports with a broad roster of top prospects, the NBA D-League is a perfect fit for the YouTube platform," said Ruibal. "With our broad global delivery across all platforms and devices, providing live and catch up NBA D-League games and highlights will make this exciting content easily accessible to a whole new generation of basketball fans."