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Arinze Onuaku and Travis Leslie Earn Spots on the Prospect List

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Arinze Onuaku and Travis Leslie are emerging as specialists among many talented players in the NBADL. Onuaku gets a lot of work done in very few minutes, sporting a 27.21 PER. While Leslie - with an effective field goal percentage of .573 - is shooting the ball better than most guards in the D-League.

Travis Leslie
Travis Leslie
Stephen Dunn

A flurry of recent call-ups have left two open spots on's Top Ten Prospect List that must be filled. Previously, Chris Douglas-Roberts (#1) and Jarvis Varnado (#2) were our top two prospects, however, both have recently moved on to bigger and better things.

CDR looks to light things up for the Dallas Mavericks, while Varnado works to bring his one man block party to the Boston Celtics.

Fortunately, the NBADL talent pool is deep this year with plenty of prospects out there who are worthy of a shot in The Association.

Moving to the number one spot is the D-League's top point guard, Chris Wright. The Iowa Energy's facilitator has strong defensive skills, scores 16 points per contest, and drops nearly 8 dimes a night.

He got a look from the New Orleans Hornets in the pre-season, is likely see a 10-day contract in the near future.

Arinze Onuaku is a force of nature in the paint, which makes him a lock for the number two spot on the prospect list. He pulls down an amazing 11 rebounds in just 23 minutes per game. The big man's per-48 averages are staggering: 30 points and 24 rebounds per game.

Onuaku can make an immediate impact on any roster looking for a strong presence under the basket.

The Maine Red Claws forward, Chris Wright, takes the number three spot on the list. If early indications are correct, NBA teams are looking for players with past NBA experience to fill their needs. Wright had a good run with the Golden State Warriors last year, and his 16 points, 9 rebounds, and 50% shooting percentage should get him another look this year.

Our last new addition to the list is shooting guard Travis Leslie. If PER truly is the magic stat that predicts a call-up, then Leslie is in great shape. His 23.80 rating is best among all shooting guards in the D-League.

He's averaging 17 points and 9 rebounds per contest with the Santa Cruz Warriors. Leslie's past NBA experience with the L.A. Clippers is a plus, along with his heightened focus on defense. Leslie is a great option for teams looking for a spark off the bench.

Without further adieu, here's this week's list.


  1. Chris Wright - Iowa
  2. Arinze Onuaku - Canton
  3. Chris Wright - Maine
  4. Travis Leslie - Santa Cruz
  5. James Mays - Springfield
  6. Andrew Goudelock - Maine
  7. D.J. Kennedy - Erie
  8. Ron Howard - Fort Wayne
  9. Micah Downs - Maine
  10. Brian Butch - Bakersfield