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VIDEO: Jeremy Lin Gives Credit To The NBA Development League

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Less than a year ago, Jeremy Lin was playing for Eric Musselman and the NBA Development League's Reno Bighorns while on assignment from the Golden State Warriors. A lot of things have changed since then, obviously, but the current superhero of the New York Knicks is giving credit where credit is due.

Lin wasn't as impressive as he's been during his time as a starter in Wednesday night's victory over the Sacramento Kings -- scoring a measly 10 points to go with 13 assists -- but he had to impress those in the D-League office with his comments during the post-game press conference.

"I went to the D-League three times last year and once this year. Without that time, I definitely wouldn't be the player I am right now," Lin said. "Last year when I played with Coach Musselman, he gave me the opportunity to play through mistakes."

Yep, that's a Coach Musselman shoutout in the middle of a press conference at Madison Square Garden! It gets better, though, regarding Lin's praise of the D-League.

"I'm still making a lot of mistakes, but being able to play through that and build on my confidence and grow as a player was the best thing that could've happened ... and that wouldn't have happened without the D-League."

Before I forget, let's give some praise to Erie BayHawks coach Jay Larranaga for allowing Lin to pick up a triple-double during his time in the D-League this season. That had to help Lin's confidence too a bit, right?

Anyway, fast forward to the nine minute and 20 second mark of the video below to hear Lin's praising of the D-League:

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