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Eric Maynor Said "No" To The NBA D-League, But Philadelphia Said "Yes", And Signed Shelvin Mack To A 10-Day Contract

Oklahoma City guard Eric Maynor firmly stated that he had "no" interest in a potential NBA D-League stint. Last week, rumors pinned Maynor as a trade option for the Philadelphia 76ers despite Maynor's limited play in Oklahoma City. In the end, the Sixers decided on an option courtesy of the D-League, and signed Shelvin Mack to a 10-day contract. Did the 76ers sign Mack to a 10-day over trading for Maynor?


When Eric Maynor sternly turned down the idea of a possible stint in the NBA D-League, perhaps it triggered the Sixers to search the NBADL to help their depth issues at the guard position? Maynor was rumored to be a possible trade candidate in which Philadelphia was interested in, but with the signing of Shelvin Mack to a 10-day contract, it appears that Mack's minutes in the D-League provided the Sixers with a more ready option to fit their needs.

Maynor is in his fourth year, and attempting to return from a horrific knee injury that costed him 57 games, and a chance to be apart of Oklahoma City's run to the finals last season. Maynor's refusal to an assignment with the Tulsa 66ers, may of been a missed opportunity to showcase the current status of his game.

With the assumed playing time that Maynor would of received in Tulsa, the former VCU star could of given not only the Thunder, but any other interested NBA teams a legitimate sample to measure from. Instead, Maynor continues to get the majority of his court time in practice, and has averaged just 4.7 minutes in the last 7 games he's been apart of.

While Maynor was involved in trade rumors last week, former Butler guard Shelvin Mack was busy padding to his already impressive D-League stats on the season. Mack had a prior Call-Up with the Washington Wizards earlier in the year, and in his last three games with the Maine Red Claws, Mack averaged 23.3 points, 10 assists in 41.0 minutes.

Mack's willingness to grind it out in the NBA D-League has paid off yet again, and as the 15th Call-Up this season, Mack was awarded with a 10-day contract from Philadelphia. Mack will have to make good use of his minutes in order to have a chance at sticking with his new team, but based on his solid averages in extended minutes for Maine, Mack's game is seemingly in the right place to relish in the opportunity.

Meanwhile, the jury is still out on Maynor coming back from his injury and the NBA D-League continues to provide players with an excellent venue to showcase their talent, and readiness. Players such as Mack will continue to earn their way to the top level, while others (Maynor), will occupy the very end of the deepest rotations in the NBA.

If Maynor can soon realize that playing in the NBA D-League would be beneficial and not a demotion, the talented guard will remain on the outside looking in as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder.