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Will Michael Finley Be the Next NBA Veteran to Consider Playing in D-League?

After watching fellow NBA veterans use the D-League as their bridge back to The Association, will Michael Finley soon consider the minor league in his own comeback efforts as well?

Maury Phillips

As former M.V.P. Allen Iverson turns down an opportunity to rejuvenate his NBA career by gracing the D-League hardwood, could a fellow former all-star be considering a shot of his own in the minor league?

After reportedly having previously considered the D-League as a bridge back to the NBA, Michael Finley still has hopes of returning to the game of basketball. The two-time all-star and one-time NBA champion has been in touch with former Spurs' teammate Tony Parker about potentially playing for his team in France. What's more, the guard also asserts that a handful of NBA teams (5-10, to be exact) are interested in giving him a chance to resume his career.

According to this international report, Finley would only consider a shorter stint overseas with Parker's team, as his responsibilities as a family man lie in Dallas with his wife and kids.

But as many of Finley's fellow past NBA veteran counterparts have come to realize as they begin their own respective comeback attempts, breaking back into The Association isn't as easy as it may appear. With reputation and past experience solely not enough to garner a big league contract offer these days, the likes of Antonio Daniels and Mike James are among those to don D-League uniforms en route to making it back into the NBA in past years.

Speaking exclusively with earlier this month, James said that spending time in the D-League wasn't part of his original plan when looking to catch on with an NBA team. Rather, it was instead something that the Mavericks requested he do before signing with the team. After proving he could still compete at a high level, James went on to play in Dallas and parlayed his efforts into a contract for the rest of this season. Though it wasn't part of the plan, James has seen such a strategy now work for him two years in a row, having previously joined the Bulls last season after a similar NBADL stint.

With this in mind, could the D-League simply be the most likely and logical next step in Finley's comeback attempt? Reached by, the veteran and his representation chose not to comment at this time. Still, even if there are plenty of teams intrigued by the idea of bringing Finley aboard, history is proving that a minor league stint may simply be what's asked for and/or expected by any one of them prior to signing the guard.

If Finley prefers to to stay close to home as he explores a potential comeback, he may be in luck with regard to the D-League regardless. The Texas Legends, the affiliate of the Mavericks (the guard's former squad) actively pursue a bevy of veterans to join their squad en route to reaching the NBA once again. Iverson may have turned Texas down, but most recently, the team has reeled in both Delonte West and Rashad McCants.

Clearly a prime minor league hub for notable talent, perhaps the Legends wouldn't be opposed to opening the door for Finley, should he choose to use the NBADL as his avenue of choice back to the big league.