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Confirmed: Quincy Douby Leaves NBA D-League For China

As originally reported here at, NBA vet turned D-League stud Quincy Douby will leave the minor league in order to take advantage of a more lucrative opportunity in China.

Earlier this month, NBA veteran Quincy Douby was drafted as the third overall pick in the 2013 NBA D-League Draft by the Miami Heat-affiliated Sioux Falls Skyforce.

Through two games with Sioux Falls, the 29 year old led his team to a quick 2-0 start, with both wins coming against the Reno Bighorns during the minor league's opening weekend. Douby impressed rather quickly, averaging 20.5 points and an eye-popping 4.5 steals.

But just like that, the guard's latest foray into the D-League has already come to an end. Instead, Douby will return to China for a more lucrative opportunity with Yao Ming's Shanghai Sharks.

ESPN's Marc Stein notes here that the Sharks were pushing hard on Sunday to recruit Douby before a deal was ultimately reached, but as we here at reported initially, the wheels for such a pact to be agreed upon were set in motion as early as last week:

With that in mind, a source tells that Douby may still be eyeing a return to China, though nothing has been finalized as of yet. A separate league source informed us that while each and every player signs a one-year contract with the D-League at the beginning of the season (not the individual teams, rather), there are various "out" clauses, should something materialize "with an NBA team or in Europe." We can only assume something similar applies when a player is approached to play in the CBA (or elsewhere overseas) as well.

As Stein alludes to, it'll be interesting to see how quickly Douby is able to return to the states to renew his hopes for a return to The Association. The Chinese season runs all the way through March, and players are not usually granted an out-clause to leave and pursue an NBA opportunity until afterwards.