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Recapping the First Ridiculous Upside Podcast Talking NBA D-League Basketball

Take a look and click the link below to have a listen to the first Ridiculous Upside podcast, featuring guests NBA agent BJ Bass and Santa Cruz Warriors broadcaster Kevin Danna.

Michael Hickey

Monday night marked the first podcast for us here at We chatted with NBA agent BJ Bass about the ongoing grind his young prospects face going through the D-League to get noticed, and how he plays a role in getting them their fair shot at a worthwhile cup of coffee.

Next up, Santa Cruz Warriors broadcaster Kevin Danna called in, discussing the latest happenings for the Golden State's NBADL affiliate (including the progression of the pictured Hilton Armstrong), the ongoing growth of the D-League, and why Reno, Nevada should be considered a "magical place" during D-League Showcase time come January.

To listen back for yourself and see what everyone had to say, you can do so by clicking here