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Troy Daniels Scores 31 Points, Is On Pace To Shatter Every Three-Point Record

Troy Daniels has gotten off to a roaring start this season and on Tuesday night, he had his best game to date: 31 points in 34 minutes off the bench, while shooting 8-for-14 from downtown. At this pace, he'll not only shatter the Andy Rautins' D-League record for threes made in a season, but Stephen Curry's NBA record.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Troy Daniels had a monster game off the bench. We've been here before. Actually, we haven't really because against the Bighorns, he had his game to date, scoring 31 points in 34 minutes off the bench, while shooting 10-for-17 from the field and 8-for-14 from three. But yeah, he scored a lot, made more than a handful of threes and helped the Vipers win yet another game.

But instead of rambling on about what he did on Tuesday night, I thought it would be worthwhile drooling over just how amazing of a shooter Troy Daniels is.

Last season, Stephen Curry made 272 threes, which broke Ray Allen's six year old record for most three-pointers made in an NBA season. To accomplish that, Curry made an average of 3.5 threes over 78 games, which is simply incredible. Now, the Vipers have only played eight games this young season, but Troy Daniels has gotten off to an incredibly hot start and he's currently leading the league with 52 made threes. If he kept up that pace for 78 games à la Steph Curry, he'd wind up knocking down 507 in a course of a season, shattering the young Warrior's record by nearly twice the amount. Now, I realise I'm comparing the NBA to the D-League here and the D-League season is only 50 games long, but still, it just goes to show that Daniels is, well, an incredible shooter, as you'll be able to tell from his garden-like shot-chart. In fact, if he winds up spending the whole season with the Vipers - which he really shouldn't because he's good enough to be in the NBA - he could still end up breaking Curry's record.

As for the D-League record, that'll be a piece of cake for Daniels, as he's only 100 away from tying Andy Rautins' record set last season.

The thing is, breaking Steph's record in a full D-League season really isn't out of the realm of possibilities. While making 6.5 threes per game sounds unsustainable, the Vipers are attempting 48 threes per game, which gives Daniels the green light to fire away every, single night. And, no, he won't likely shoot 47.3 percent from three for the entire season because that's incredibly tough given the volume of shots he takes on a nightly basis, but I'm sure that won't stop him from breaking at least one record on the way.

Now that we've got that cleared, it's time to roll the tape. Oh, and can we all start a #CallTroyDanielsUp campaign?

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