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Cavaliers Coach Mike Brown Discusses the Benefits of Canton Charge (VIDEO)

Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown spoke with media recently about his team's relationship with the NBA D-Lague affiliated Canton Charge. Watch the clip below for more.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

With fourteen of the NBA D-League's seventeen teams having entered into some sort of single affiliation with NBA squads, it's clear that such relationships are to be valued.

With an unlimited number of potential assignments for NBA players to the D-League affiliates at the disposal of respective coaching staffs and front offices, the minor league is being used more and more to get up and coming young guns reps on the court that they otherwise wouldn't receive at this point in time in The Association.

Recently, Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown spoke with local media about maintaining such a relationship with the Canton Charge. Seemingly quite involved in the Charge's everyday operations, Coach Brown says he's in constant contact with the Charge's coaching staff, and that Cleveland often sends a representative from their team down to Canton along with assigned players to get a closer look at their progress.

For more, watch the clip below.

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