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Santa Cruz Warriors' Seth Curry to Sign with Memphis Grizzlies

Following a stellar few weeks in the NBA D-League, the Warriors' Seth Curry is reportedly set to sign with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

One day, a young prospect can find himself emerging as a legitimate D-League M.V.P. candidate. The next day, he could very well see himself thrust into the role of NBA rookie.

That above notion is exactly what the minor league happens to be about, and because of that, the Santa Cruz Warriors' Seth Curry is reportedly set to join the Memphis Grizzlies.

To date, the Duke product has had a phenomenal NBADL season, averaging 21.3 points, 7.8 assists, and 1.6 steals while leading Santa Cruz to a 9-4 start thus far. His efforts earned him a look from the Grizzlies in the form of a workout last week. Now, it appears that Christmas has come early for the younger brother of Stephen Curry.

Of course, the 23 year old in fact landed himself in the D-League after going undrafted in this past summer's NBA Draft. His past injury history in college, coupled with his identity as an undersized shooting guard, perhaps came together to otherwise scare NBA teams off from giving him a look come draft time.

But since then, Curry has begun to quash such potential concerns surrounding his game. He's been a dominant force while leading one of the minor league's better organizations. What's more, similarly to what his brother Stephen has done in the NBA, the younger Curry has further continued to transform the most general perception of what a point guard is, and/or should be.

There's no doubt (as evidenced by his impressive assist numbers) that (either) Curry can run the floor well and get his teammates involved for easy buckets and a quicker flowing offense. That said, being a floor general doesn't always necessarily mean one has to sacrifice their own offensive production in favor of the other players on the court at all times.

Instead, the younger Curry has been able to assert himself and beat opposing defenders in a bevy of different ways this season. Able to fade away and knock down shots from long range with ease, Curry often displays a deadly first step to the basket that allows him to race past defenders. He's been able to capitalize on an impressive display of quickness as of late, one that wasn't always present to those who doubted his athleticism back in college.

But alas, Curry has been able to regain that extra pep in his step following training camp with the Warriors and even more time in Santa Cruz.

The 23 year old may have automatic name recognition on account of his older brother and father (Dell Curry), but he's used the past couple of months to perhaps create his own identity and even separate himself from the pack in some ways.

Following leading roles at both Duke and in the NBA D-League, there's no denying Curry is the type of player who can handle high-level competition. It may be a little while until he's truly granted an opportunity to make his mark in Memphis. Even so, if one thing's for sure, it's that he's going to be the type of player that charges full speed ahead and will challenge his teammates to go the extra yard in practice while he waits for a shot of his own to hit the NBA hardwood and strut his stuff.