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Texas Legends' Devin Ebanks Named NBA D-League "Player of the Week"

For his most recent efforts, former Lakers' forward Devin Ebanks has been named the NBA D-League's latest "Player of the Week."

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

After watching the sixth ranked young gun (Seth Curry) on the D-League's "Prospect Watch" receive a call-up of his own to the Grizzlies, the fifth ranked prospect (Devin Ebanks) still remains, but at least he has something to show for it.

For his most recent efforts, the former Lakers' forward has been named the minor league's latest "Player of the Week." During the week of December 16th-22nd, Ebanks averaged 31.3 points, shooting 52% from the floor, to go with 7.7 rebounds.

Putting it simply, Ebanks has looked utterly spectacular since hitting the NBADL hardwood, and has asserted himself as a much more dominant offensive player than most may be accustomed to seeing him emerge as. Always one to crash the boards and play decent defense, the young gun has been able to pour in the points in a variety of different ways for Texas this season.

One has to wonder just how much more a player like Ebanks must do before ultimately receiving an NBA call-up of his own in the near future. Will it just be a matter of time before the D-League Showcase comes along next month, and his recent prowess is put on display for a slew of executives all under one roof?

Back in October, Ebabks was suspended for two games by the NBA following a DUI plea. Such a red flag could be a concern for executives, but even so, the forward seems to be playing the best basketball of his pro career.