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NBA D-League Launches New Comprehensive Statistics Website

The NBA D-League has released a comprehensive new stats page that will likely change the way some fans watch the game.

Simon Watts

It goes without saying that in recent years, the way most of us who watch the game of basketball rather closely is changing. This is because there are different things to look for now when assessing and evaluating talent.

With analytics coming to the forefront of such evaluations more and more, there are other refreshing ways to evaluate talent to see just how many different things a player can do to impact the outcome of a game for his team, regardless of whether or not such nuances and/or intangibles show up on the everyday box score.

Always one to evolve with the ever changing times, last season, the NBA introduced a new comprehensive stats page to help give its passionate fans a closer look at such things. Following the success of the new page, the league has now introduced a similar outlook pertaining to the D-League as well:

After the successful launch of, the NBA Development League and SAP have unveiled, a new statistical destination on providing fans with comprehensive and official NBA D-League statistics and analysis.

The new NBA D-League destination, powered by the SAP HANA® real-time platform, will deliver access to nearly every box score in history, comprehensive player pages, advanced shooting charts, top lineup combinations, and additional statistical breakdowns.

Such a page may peek one's curiosities and could be fun to play around with to see how their favorite NBA player is doing, but the new statistical destination becomes all that much more essential with regard to the D-League.

This is a brand new scouting tool that undeniably sheds light on how such minor league players' skills will translate in The Association. There are players who are "known" for doing all of the little things, but sometimes, it's difficult to measure that type of impact. This new site may give more credit to the players who the dirty work.

From how efficient a player is, how clutch one is in the key moments of a game, to what kinds of lineups each one seems to thrive in, this new expansion of analysis gives NBA executives, the media, and fans alike a brand new look at the potential stars of tomorrow.

Perhaps fittingly enough, longtime D-League veteran Ron Howard of the Fort Wayne Mad Ants stands tall as one of the better players in the league this season, as a leader in many of the most unique categories.

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