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Delonte West to Make NBA D-League Debut For Texas Legends on Saturday?

After over a month of speculation, reports say Delonte West will make his NBA D-League debut this weekend. Will a fellow NBA vet join him on the Texas Legends sometime soon as well?

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

In February, NBA veteran Delonte West refused a stint in the D-League. The point guard failed to report to the Texas Legends after being picked up by the team via the waiver wire. After Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban asserted the 2011 NBA champs would not consider calling West up from their minor league affiliate, regardless of his potential progress, the guard apparently didn't see the upside of still joining the squad.

But while the Mavericks may not go on to sign their former guard, other NBA teams just might. Taking this into consideration, perhaps West began to realize that getting some burn on the D-League hardwood may still be in his best interests, even if donning a Legends uniform will simply be a way of auditioning for other big league teams.

With this in mind, West's plans to eventually join Texas were revealed earlier this month. Though it's been just about anyone's guess as to when he would actually make his highly anticipated NBADL debut, there now appears to be answer.

According to Rafael Barlowe, who serves as a scout and videographer for the Mavericks' D-League affiliate, West is finally poised to make his debut this coming Saturday, when the Legends take on the Santa Cruz Warriors.

There's no doubt that given his skill set and past NBA (on the court) experience, West would stand to provide a huge assist of sorts to any number of contending big league teams. Though any potential suitor would have to look past West's previous off-the-court debacles, also key to his comeback is proving he's currently still in shape and capable of competing. Perhaps a couple of games in Texas will help him prove that. Only then will an NBA team be more motivated to scoop him up in time for the postseason. Seeing is believing.

NBA executives may have to wait until this weekend to truly see what West is made of these days, but if Barlowe's word is of any significance, the guard has been in town all week long, getting himself ready in the gym as he prepares to take the court.

In addition to West, Chris Douglas-Roberts has also reportedly remained in Texas over the last month, working with officials from the Mavericks/Legends as he awaits his next shot as well. The versatile swingman tore up the NBA D-League to start the season and was subsequently called up to Dallas. Despite his strong showings at both levels, CDR was waived in January. It's unknown whether or not he too will re-join the Legends alongside West at some point soon.