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Delonte West Not Among the Options Knicks Considering From NBA D-League?

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According to The New York Times, if and when the Knicks consider signing a player from the NBA D-League, Delonte West isn't likely to be among them.

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The Knicks were reportedly in town to watch Delonte West's NBADL debut for the Texas Legends last week, but according to The New York Times' Nate Taylor, the team has not further explored bringing him into the fold as a bandaid for their ailing injury woes.

In this article here, Taylor suggests that while the Knicks are content with the group they have in place, they could always ponder bringing one of the D-League's top talents aboard at a later time.

Though six players were suggested as sensible targets, one reader tweeted Taylor, asking why West was not included as part of the group. According to Taylor, West was omitted because the Knicks had not discussed him as an option.

After watching West up close, it's possible New York may have been turned off by what they saw. Though the guard's D-League averages currently bode similar to those of his NBA averages, he's only been able to put up such numbers while shooting 29% from the field. He only converted on 4 of 16 shots during the contest that Knicks' officials reportedly attended, and his off the court woes over the past few years certainly do not help his case. Targeting stability as they strap themselves in for what they can only hope will be a steady finish towards and through the postseason, West may not be entirely what the Knicks need at this point in time.

As mentioned, Taylor stated that the reason West did not appear as a candidate to join New York in the article was because the team had not discussed him as one. But does that mean that the Knicks have otherwise discussed the players actually mentioned in the piece as potential options? The suggestions included Henry Sims, Hilton Armstrong, Samardo Samuels, Jerel McNeal, Josh Selby, and Luke Harangody.

Though all six represent talented players currently playing in the minors, they in no way necessarily encompass a concretely defined top six players in the league. Was there more of a reason to suggesting each one as an option for the Knicks? Have each of them been individually discussed in house? More on this as it develops.