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Will D-League All-Star Shelvin Mack Be Able to Stick in NBA With Atlanta Hawks?

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After emerging as a D-League All-Star, Shelvin Mack now joins his third NBA team of the season. He'll hope to stick around with the Atlanta Hawks for longer than his ten-day contract states.


Shelvin Mack's sophomore season campaign has had quite a few stops along the way, and it's only March.

From the nation's capital, to the city of brotherly love, to "The Pine Tree State," and now the ATL, the guard has called a number of cities his home base over the last few months.

After appearing in all but two games last season as a rookie for the Wizards, Mack looked as though he'd been emerging as a steady rotation player for his team. Coincidentally enough, however, a release during training camp gave way to the second year guard getting drafted by the Maine Red Claws in last fall's NBADL Draft.

In a couple of different stints with Maine this season, Mack has stolen the show and made himself more appealing to NBA squads. He led a total of five Red Claws in last month's D-League All-Star Game. Though he's undeniably one of the more talented and explosive scorers in the league, Mack's efforts certainly elevated those of his teammates as well, as evidenced in his team's league-high All-Star selections.

His ability to stand tall in the D-League propelled him to another short-term gig with the Wizards, and a second one earlier this season with the 76ers. Now, he dons an Atlanta Hawks uniform, but he's hoping to keep this one on for a little while longer.

It's unlikely to see a player bounce around so many times in a single season as much as Mack has. Though while playing for the Red Claws, he was standing by as he hoped for a gig with the Celtics (the team's NBA parent squad), he's done enough to get noticed again and again by other teams.

But when will he stick at one of these prime landing spots? Though the Hawks are led by flashy floor general Jeff Teague, the squad enjoys receiving boosts off the bench from an array of combo guards. This is where Mack may be able to fit right in and find a niche that speaks to his talents a bit more favorably some of his previous teams.

While in Maine, the steady point guard averaged 20.1 points and 7.6 assists through 23 contests. His solid shooting percentages (46% from the field and 37% from deep) haven't exactly followed him to the NBA, however. Though Mack is intelligent with regard to his court vision and can find his teammates effectively, he's also a bit of a volume shooter. When those same shots aren't falling, he's been seen to get into funks, and his overall game suffers along the way.

But perhaps some positive encouragement in Atlanta will help his cause. Should Mack be able to hit the hardwood for the Hawks and become more than just a practice player with the Hawks, the team may be able to help him get into more of a rhythm.