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Philadelphia 76ers Announce Acquisition of NBA D-League Team

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The 76ers announced its acquisition of a dormant NBA D-League squad, becoming just the sixth organization to obtain 100% control of a minor league team for themselves.

NBA D-League

On Saturday, the 76ers announced its purchase and acquisition of the operating rights to a dormant team in the NBA D-League, the Utah Flash.

The organization subsequently relocated the team to Delaware, and fittingly renamed the squad the Delaware 87ers. Such a move will keep the minor league squad close in proximity to 76ers' headquarters. Sixers' brass undoubtedly is looking to aid and strengthen its player development by acquiring their own minor league team. They become just the sixth NBA squad to own and maintain 100% control over such a squad.

One of the initial moves the 76ers' made upon announcing the purchase was finding a man to call Team President. Aaron Moszer, who has presided over a handful of minor league baseball teams in past years, will bring his immense amount of experience to Delware and fill the role. Moszer was most recently Assistant Vice President of Sales/Marketing for Ripkin Baseball. Inc.

Given his background, it appears as though Moszer would and should be more focused on the team's day-to-day operations as it relates to the financials, maintaing a presence in and interacting with the local community, etc. Will he involved in player acquisitions and team-building, or will the 76ers assign (D-League-pun intended) one of their already existing employees such a task instead? In the past, many NBA teams have put an assistant general manger in charge of those duties.

One thing Moszer will not have to worry about (at least for the time being) is finding and/or building an arena. The 87ers will play their games at the Bob Carpenter Center in the University of Delaware. Whereas the Warriors' organization built an arena up from scratch in Santa Cruz just last year, the 76ers' will instead hope to engage with the local community through occupying an already popular venue.

The 87ers will first hit the NBA D-League hardwood during the upcoming 2013-14 season. For more, visit our friends at Liberty Ballers.