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Notes from the NBA D-League Elite Mini-Camp In Chicago

Take a look below for some notes on the NBA D-League's fourth annual Elite Mini-Camp, which was attended by a slew of NBA executives in Chicago earlier this week.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The NBA D-League Elite Mini-Camp, a two-day workout featuring thirty-five of the minor league's top up and coming prospects, took place earlier this week in Chicago.

Recognized as the NBADL's version of the NBA Draft Combine, the camp provided a slew of NBA executives the opportunity to feast their eyes on some of the D-League's arguably more proven talent before scouting some potential draft selections later in the week.

According to the league's official website, up to 26 of the NBA's 30 total teams applied for credentials to be in attendance. More than half of those very teams were represented by officials during day one of the camp, with more expected to stroll in for day two as well.

Our buddy,'s Kevin Scheitrum, caught up with Springfield Armor coach and camp coordinator Bob MacKinnon for some inside info on what big league executives could expect to see, in this piece here. Coach MacKinnon also provides some insight as to what the executives may be on the lookout for, and how the group of D-League coaches in attendance aim to help their prospects shine. The bevy of young guns are led through an array of drills and scrimmages by up to nine minor league coaches.

For more of an NBA executive's point of view of the value of attending such a workout (and some other offseason scouting notes as well), check out Nate Parham's latest piece on D-League basketball, highlighting Warriors' Assistant General Manager Kirk Lacob's thoughts.