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2013 NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Michigan's Trey Burke

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Let's take a look at another likely top-five selection and arguably the most complete point guard in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Player of the Year: Michigan's Trey Burke.

Andy Lyons

Trey Burke proved to multiple NBA Scouts, analysts and fans alike that you can stay in college for an extra season and still up your draft stock significantly. As complete of a point guard as a team could want in the 2013 NBA Draft, Burke brings almost every significant characteristic to the table this June.

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Check out Burke's stats for his sophomore season:

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Huge statistical improvements since freshman season:

  • Scoring Rate: +21%
  • Assist Rate: +40%
  • Steal Rate: +75%
  • Turnovers: -35%
  • 3P%: +3.5%
  • FT%: +6.1%
  • A/TO Ratio: +1.5%

Outside of being the best player in the country in 2013, Burke is honestly all that he's cracked up to be. A natural leader and competitor that has the ability to just will his way to the basket and help his rack up wins, Burke is the point guard that every NBA Scout should have their eyes on. If the Orlando Magic keep the No. 1 overall position, don't be surprised in Burke gets his name called first.

NBA Comparison: Ty Lawson


  • Gritty player, never takes a possession off, brings a pure floor-general mentality to the court at all times
  • Clutch performer, can score from anywhere on the court whenever he wants to
  • Shows great range for a point guard, ability to shoot from well beyond the arc: 38% from 3PT, 80% from FT, 50% from 2PT, shoots 44% with his feet set and 42% off the dribble from anywhere on the court
  • Can handle the pressure and enjoys carrying his team through tough in-game situations
  • Solid athlete, shifty ball-handling skills, great hesitations and stop-and-start quickness, fantastic in open court and in transition
  • Best pick-and-roll point guard in college basketball this past season, found the screener cutting to the basket on most opportunities, put pressure on multiple defensive sets this way, had balance between facilitation and scoring
  • Tremendous ball-handler, can create with either hand, shows off ambidexterity with the creative ways he breaks down a defense in half-court situations, changes speed with ease.
  • Creates a great deal of contact when attacking the rim, drives into the heart of the defense and gets to the rim at will
  • Can be a pesky defender, anticipating his opposition's next move and/or playing the passing lane extremely well, records almost two steals per game


  • Weaker frame for an elite guard at the NBA level, seems like he will have a rougher time guarding his position
  • Gets screened too easily during pick-and-roll plays defensively
  • Could be injury prone in an 82-game season the way he throws his body through different forms of contact
  • Possibly could have his shot blocked a lot due to his small size
  • Not the most athletic point guard, could prove to be an issue as the league continues to be dominated by uber-athletic guard play
  • Needs to add a runner/teardrop shot to his offensive arsenal due to his size, won't be able to get to the rim as much at the NBA level

Draft Projection: 1st Round, Pick #1 to the Orlando Magic-to-Pick #7 Detroit Pistons

As terrific as Burke is, combined with his ability to create instant offense from anywhere on the floor, he could easily slip all the way to the seventh pick if Orlando decides to go a different route. Though the Magic lack true guard options for the future, they could decide to take the risk or drafting Nerlens Noel.

Burke's skill set proves he could turn out to be best player to come out of this draft. He shows flashes that resemble a young Chris Paul and he shows poor choices that could have him turn into a veteran D.J. Augustin. Everything considered, Burke is still the best point guard in the draft.

He brings a complete package to the table offensively. Burke is semi-athletic, intelligent, and can score and distribute at a high volume. If he remains healthy, he's an NBA starter for the foreseeable future.