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SB Nation To Present Blogger 2013 NBA Mock Draft

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With the NBA Draft just weeks away, SB Nation will turn to its lead bloggers for a unique and interactive mock draft next week.

Frederick Breedon

With the 2013 NBA Draft just weeks away, SB Nation will not only look to its team of lead bloggers to speculate who each respective team will select, but will also give them a chance to predict and put themselves in a General Manager's shoes as well.

Beginning Monday, June 17th, SB Nation will reveal its 2013 NBA Mock Draft, with bloggers making picks for the respective teams they cover.

To make things even more interesting (and to perhaps also raise the stakes for the bloggers), mock draft day trades will also be going down.

To check out all the movement -- from which prospects will go where, to what moves SB Nation's bloggers believe could be made to improve the respective squads, make sure you continue to visit, the host of the mock draft.

With no clear cut first round selection in this year's draft, anything can happen.