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Athletic Prospect Dami Sapara To Workout For Nets; NBA D-League To Follow

Dami Sapora will be working out for the Brooklyn Nets next week, and will strut his stuff later in the weekend in front of slew of other executives during a national D-League tryout.

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Regardless of what picks a team may hold in this month's NBA Draft, most squads still find it important to work out a variety of prospects leading up to the big day.

Should an NBA team only own a first round draft selection, also working out some potential second round draft choices is never a bad idea. Plenty of things can happen. Teams can always buy/trade for a draft pick closer to the day There's also always the possibility that opposing teams don't pick up on the same prowess another team might see in a young gun they've worked out previously.

The Knicks worked out some fringe-prospects earlier this week, and it appears as though their crosstown rivals, the Nets, are set to do the same next week as well.

Among those to participate will be Staten Island, New York native Dami Sapara, according to his agent. The scrappy youngster is a very athletic player, so much so that his athleticism and physicality should be compared to that of already existing NBA and D-League athletes.

Though he's not likely to be selected in next month's draft, next Tuesday in Brooklyn will be a chance for him to not only strut his stuff in an attempt to open the eyes of Nets' executives, but also prove he has what it takes to play alongside some of the other intriguing prospects.

Following his college career, Sapara was able to turn heads last summer during a Big Apple workout at Basketball City. At 6'6" and 215 pounds, the 24 year old kept the pace with and pushed Knicks' swingman J.R. Smith.

Many seem to regard Sapara as a point guard due his ability to run well in the open floor and guard opposing floor generals. There's no doubt he can push the tempo all on his own with a great handle and lightening speed.

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What separates him, however, is the explosive way he can finish at the basket. Sapara is aggressive around the rim, and seems to have the confidence that he can throw it down on just about anybody.

Sapara may be a raw talent, but his athleticism and ability to push the tempo and finish at the other end make him an interesting option for many teams to explore during training camp or via their minor league affiliates next season.

In an attempt to gain even more exposure, Sapara won't have to go very far for his next opportunity. After working out for the Nets next week, he'll also take part in the national D-League tryout taking place next weekend, where a slew of NBA and D-League executives will be in New York City to observe what the truly athletic specimen can do.