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NBADL Coach of the Year Alex Jensen Fulfills D-League Commitment Before Joining Utah Jazz

Upon earning himself an NBA call-up with the Utah Jazz, coach Alex Jensen still wanted to fulfill his commitment to coach the NBA D-League Select Team in Las Vegas.

Alex Jensen of the Canton Charge won NBA D-League Coach of the Year this past season, and with good reason. Getting more out of less talent, Jensen led the Charge to a minor league division title and aided the development of an array of young guns who wouldn't be where they are today if it weren't for him.

Able to parlay his D-League success into an NBA gig, Jensen has received a call-up of his own. The former University of Utah stud will join the Jazz next season in a player development type role. For a coach of Jensen's credentials, such a role is quite fitting.

But before he joined the Jazz full-time, however, Jensen had one more minor league related commitment to fulfill. Jensen happens to be quite the loyal guy, because he stuck to it, too.

Upon earning his gig with Utah, Jensen reportedly let team executives know that he would be keeping his promise to coach the D-League Select Team in Las Vegas this week. Obviously, with the Select Team heading into the Summer League postseason with a record of 3-0, the group of unheralded young guns has clearly reaped the benefits of having the Coach of the Year lead the way.

To Jensen's credit, honoring his word just further proves the type of guy the Jazz will be welcoming to their staff.