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NBA D-League Champion Executive Gersson Rosas Hired As GM of Dallas Mavericks

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NBA D-League championship winning executive Gersson Rosas will leave the Houston Rockets after being hired as General Manager of the Dallas Mavericks.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Gersson Rosas has spent the past few years as Executive Vice President of the Houston Rockets. Under the umbrella of such a position was serving as General Manager of the Rio Grande Valley Vipers.

Rosas helped build quite the relationship between the affiliates, merging them as one through an array of different player assignments, NBA call-ups, and flat out prospect development. Speaking to earlier in the season, the highly regarded executive discussed not only the importance of developing the Rockets' current players through the D-League, but also developing those sole playing for the Vipers, in hopes of keeping an eye on the future.

The man is a great judge of talent, and knows how to develop and help those raw young guns along as well. Over the course of this past season, Houston assigned the likes of Donatas Motiejūnas, Terrence Jones, Patrick Beverley, (the since traded) Royce White, and (the since waived) Scott Machado to RGV. What's more, the NBA team also ended up calling up Vipers players like Tim Ohlbrecht and Greg Smith.

But Rosas' eye for potential doesn't simply stop there. He traded for NBA D-League M.V.P. Andrew Goudelock and NBADL All-Star D.J. Kennedy, drafted (current Wizards' first round draft choice) Glen Rice Jr. in the later rounds of last year's minor league draft, and also hired (the since promoted Raptors' assistant coach) Nick Nurse as head coach.

Such a resume (even at the minor league level) is quite impressive, and it showed. The team that Rosas assembled in Rio Grande Valley lived up to its potential, bringing home an NBADL championship this year.

Rosas' hard work and due diligence as an executive with the Rockets has paid off, and as it turns out, he won't have to go very far to reap the benefits of a new promising position. He's been hired by the Dallas Mavericks as their General Manager.

Such a hiring is a great one, and a well-deserved one at that. Still, the timing of the hire appears to be rather strange. After signing the likes of Monta Ellis, Jose Calderon, Devis Harris, and Samuel Dalembert, the roster appears to have just filled out. Why choose to bring Rosas after all that is already done, rather than before?

After losing out on the likes of Deron Williams and Dwight Howard, the Mavericks' main goal appears to be staying competitive long enough to keep Dirk Nowitzki in town.

As Nowitzki grows older, he'll surely want to be on a contending team. Dallas could have opted to begin a rebuilding process now and subsequently traded Nowitzki to a playoff team. Instead, they've opted to keep him in town and surround him with slightly better than decent role players all around.

This keeps them competitive, but for what will they contend for? The seventh or eighth seed in the Western Conference? It may not be much, but the short two to three year plan is enough to keep Nowitzki aboard and avoid uproar from their fan base.

It'll be interesting to see what, if any, of his own spin Rosas puts on this roster leading up to training camp. Either way, it's a fantastic hire for the Mavericks organization.