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New Boston Celtics' Assistant Coach to Have NBA D-League Role?

The Boston Celtics will add former Butler point guard Ronald Nored to their coaching staff as an assistant. Still just 23 years old, Nored is expected to have some sort of role with the Maine Red Claws as well.

Andy Lyons

The Boston Celtics turned plenty of heads when they tabbed Butler University coach Brad Stevens as Doc Rivers' successor.

Just a few weeks into his tenure, Coach Stevens has quickly been turning heads on his own while filling out his coaching staff.

According to a recent report, Stevens will add an unprecedented second 23 year old prodigy to his bench. Ronald Nored will reportedly join the Celtics in player development related role.

A former point guard for Stevens at Butler, Nored is also expected to have some sort of D-League related role with the Maine Red Claws, Boston's minor league affiliate.

Whether he'll obtain some sort of an official title with Maine, or whether it'll simply fall under his player development related role with the Celtics remains to be seen.

Player development coaches aren't always required to appear on their team's bench for each and every game, for what it's worth. The position sometimes entails traveling and/or mentoring players on and off the court. In the past, a bevy of NBA assistant coaches (whether they be player development ones or not) have been tasked with tagging along for certain NBA young guns' minor league assignments. Both the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets have assigned similar staffers to closely monitor the progress of their NBA assignees.

Could Nored be assigned such a task himself next season? This past year, Boston assigned the likes of Fab Melo and Kris Joseph to the Red Claws. It'd certainly be beneficial to send someone with guys like that to keep a closer eye on how they're progressing.

Just a year removed from playing NCAA basketball and still just 23 years of age, it wouldn't be a shock to see Nored also participating in scrimmages with the Celtics this year. After all, the Hawks' Kenny Atkinson is one of the most notorious assistants for doing so, and he keeps up while still being over 40.