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Former Austin Toros' General Manager Sean Marks Joins Spurs' Coaching Staff

In an interesting appointment, former NBA big man Sean Marks will move on from the Austin Toros' front office to the San Antonio Spurs' coaching staff.

In this previous article suggesting it may be worth Bill Laimbeer's time to dive into the NBA D-League scene, we also pondered what the front office/coaching hierarchy is really like, with regard to different positions across the various leagues.

This week, a new appointment in the Spurs' organization threw a new wrinkle into any potential discussion we'll continue to have about such hierarchy.

After spending last season as General Manager of the Austin Toros (the Spurs' NBADL affiliate), Sean Marks will now move on to join San Antonio's coaching staff as an assistant under Greg Popovich.

It's understandable how an NBA assistant coach can be considered higher up on the food chain that an NBADL head coach would be. That said, perhaps it's even more interesting that Marks joining the Spurs' staff suggests that such a position is regarded higher than even a minor league executive position as well. Is there more money to be had in Marks' new role, too?

Perhaps Marks is simply more curious and/or determined to join the coaching ranks, rather than the front office ones of the NBA.

In any event, Marks is sure to thrive in his new role. Like many D-League staffers, the former NBA big man could be found assisting his parent organization all throughout their postseason run. Marks was seen continuously working out with Tim Duncan during pre-game warmups, as the future Hall of Famer liked to work on his post moves with his former teammate.