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Will Chris Mullin's Duties With the Sacramento Kings Expand to the NBA D-League?

New Sacramento Kings' executive Chris Mullin recently spent time in Reno for an event with the Bighorns. Will he be even more involved in the NBA D-League this coming season?

Jim Rogash

Earlier Monday, new reports indicated that Shaquille O'Neal has become a new minority owner of the Sacramento Kings.

Such an addition is undoubtedly a major splash in new owner Vivek Ranadivé's latest efforts to revamp the franchise and right the ship in the proper direction. A future Hall of Famer, as well as an undeniable national phenomenon, O'Neal's presence is sure to aid the Kings both on and off the court.

O'Neal is the second former player of such stature that Ranadivé has brought in since coming to town. Current Hall of Famer Chris Mullin was the first.

In his new role as "Adviser to the Chairman," Ranadivé indicated at Mullin's press conference that he envisions the well-known sharpshooter as a jack of all trades for the organization. Mullin's past experience both as a player and executive is surely to provide the Kings with a boost in many different ways.

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In addition to spending time with Ranadivé and co. this past summer in Las Vegas for NBA Summer League, Mullin has also weighed in on some important decisions already. At his press conference, it was said that in looking into a potential new athletic trainer's background, Mullin's form of action was to call the likes of Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan as references. Clearly, in addition to his vast amount of experience, Mullin has plenty of connections and relationships to lean on as well.

Last week, Mullin ventured out to Reno, Nevada to meet and greet the Bighorns' season-ticket holders. Of course, Sacramento entered into a single NBA D-League affiliation with the Bighorns just this past summer.

Given how versatile Ranadivé considers Mullin to be, will the Hall of Famer also have a hand in the way Sacramento chooses to handle things in Reno?

Recently, the organization did name Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Chris Gilbert General Manager and Assistant G.M. of the Bighorns, respectively. Though each one is sure to prove themselves more than capable of taking care of business, a presence like Mullin's wouldn't hurt. He has an eye for young talent and as previously mentioned, has the connections to better network throughout the minor league as well.

As proven during his run as an executive with the Golden State Warriors, Mullin understands how to put a team together and turn them into a well-oiled machine. He and his entire family has been known for scouting and coaching young talent over the years, too. He's able to see the good in those when others may not. Thus, he's open to giving second-chances to those players who may be in need of an extra opportunity to strut their stuff and display some otherwise untapped potential.

Filling up one's D-League team with players like that should be a priority, and that's certainly where Mullin's eye for talent and past experience could be an asset in Reno.