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NBA Veterans Help Out At Springfield Armor's Open Tryout

As the Springfield Armor host an open tryout in New Jersey this weekend, new head coach Doug Overton is getting some help from fellow NBA veterans Cliff Robinson and Zendon Hamilton.

As new Nets' head coach Jason Kidd worked to assemble his staff this past summer, the organization made the decision re-assign/promote then-assistant (and Kidd's former NBA teammate) Doug Overton to head coach of the Springfield Armor instead.

Though there have in fact been a few past NBA veterans to take over as D-League head coach over the years, such a move isn't all too common. Such past players embracing the minor league at this point is a nice thing to see.

As the Armor keep an eye out for talent in New Jersey during one of the team's open tryout sessions this weekend, Overton is receiving help from a couple of guys who know a thing or two about what it takes to make it (and then succeed) on the big stage.

Fellow NBA veterans Cliff Robinson and Zendon Hamilton are both taking part in the tryout, working with the young hopefuls to help Overton assess.

From talking to Robinson in the past (as part of my work at, I know that the former Nets' forward has been interested in getting more involved in coaching for many years now. Earlier this summer, Zendon Hamilton served as a mentor at the NBA D-Leage's national tryout in New York City and conveyed that he, too, is looking to dive into the coaching game sometime soon as well. An NBADL alumni himself (he played for Springfield, in fact), Hamilton asserted he'd be more than happy to work in the minor league.

No word as to whether or not either veteran will be working with the Armor this coming season, but the pair's appearance at the tryout appears to be that of a courtesy one at this point.