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Is a Pierre Jackson NBA Call-Up to the New Orleans Pelicans on the Horizon?

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The Pelicans' recent release of veteran Lou Amundson is already adding early fuel to the fire that Idaho Stampede young gun Pierre Jackson may receive an NBA call-up by New Orleans in the near future.

Mike Stobe

Earlier this week, the New Orleans Pelicans waived forward Lou Amudson. Having freed up a roster just over a month removed from signing the veteran in the first place, speculation surrounding a potential Pierre Jackson call-up is already heating up.

The Pelicans are already stacked (or at the very least, crowded) at the point guard position, so minutes for Jackson may be difficult to come by. Still, the young gun's early domination of the NBA D-League this season has been undeniable. What's more, a source has confirmed to that New Orleans sent a scout to an Idaho Stampede game sometime last week to further observe the progress Jackson has made in recent weeks.

Our own Scott Rafferty highlighted Jackson's third forty-plus point performance of the season, a 41 point effort in a win against the Texas Legends, last week as well. Having said that, Rafferty also alluded to the fact that Jackson had a string of underwhelming games as of late, too. The aforementioned scout was said to have been present at one of Jackson's less spectacular performances.

Still, as noted, Jackson has been by far the most dominating forces of offensive nature the league has seen this season. The fact that New Orleans had someone in town checking him out means that their collective curiosity is peaked, to say the very least. The fact that the team recently freed up a roster spot only adds fuel to the fire.

After acquiring Jackson's NBA Draft rights following his second round selection by the 76ers, the Pelicans are the only team that can actually call the guard up to the NBA this season. That is, of course, they opt to trade his rights to another squad for future draft pick(s) and/or potential considerations instead.