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Recap of Ridiculous Upside Podcast #5: NBA D-League President Dan Reed

With the 2014 NBA D-League Showcase underway, President Dan Reed and contributor Brian Schroeder called in to speak with the staff on our latest podcast.

Getty Images/NBA Entertainment

With the annual NBA D-League Showcase going on in Reno this week, such a time marks not only the most exciting period, but perhaps also the busiest one, for the minor league.

There's a lot of different things going on, and thus, there's plenty more to discuss. The D-League's most promising of prospects are all strutting their stuff in front of a slew of ever intrigued NBA executives. There's ongoing speculation as to who may receive a call-up this week. NBA front office members also use the time in Reno to meet face to face, interact, and discuss potential trade scenarios with one another with the deadline just weeks away.

Needless to say, the D-League (now a minor league full of seventeen total teams--fourteen of which have entered into single affiliations with NBA teams) has progressed mightily. The strides the league continues to make has to make a man like President Dan Reed proud.

Currently in Reno to take in all the action, President Dan Reed recently took some time out to speak with His interview was featured on our latest podcast, which can be listened to by clicking here.

What's the atmosphere of the D-League Showcase like? How many NBA executives come to town and watch? What are some of the league's goals in the seasons to come? How does an NBA team go about entering into its own single affiliation with a minor league team?

All of these questions, and more, are answered by the enthusiastic President Reed.

Also joining the staff to talk D-League basketball was Brian Schroeder from Among things, the avid NBADL watcher discussed the recent assignment of Bulls' guard Marquis Teague, and if/why his recent underwhelming showing with the Iowa Energy may have done himself more bad than good.

As always, Keith Schlosser and Dakota Schmidt also discussed some of the hotter topics in the D-League from the past week, particularly with the Showcase going on.

For more, click here to take a listen for yourself.