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Why There Are International Scouts at the NBA D-League Showcase Too

Though the D-League's top prospects are aiming for a call-up to the NBA this week while they strut their stuff at the Showcase, there are international scouts and executives from other pro leagues in town as well hoping they might be able to find themselves an intriguing talent or two as well.


At the NBA D-League Showcase this week, all of the minor league's prospects are strutting their stuff in hopes of catching the eye of an NBA executive and earning that coveted call-up to The Association.

Such a promotion is often a dream come true for these prospects. There's no doubt about that. But in addition, it's a way of life. They play ball to make a living.

One of the biggest benefits of playing in the D-League is the fact that there's always someone watching. The Showcase even further proves that.

But sometimes, it's not always about catching the eye of an NBA executive, but that of another instead.

Though prospects hold out in hopes of a call-up to The Association, the truth of the matter is such promotions often never come. There's more money to be had overseas, though in return, a player thus moves on from one of basketball's biggest and brightest stages like the D-League hardwood.

Still, international teams and their scouts are often on the prowl for fringe NBA talent looking for bigger paydays. We saw that during NBA Summer League in Las Vegas last year, where an abundance of international basketball personnel could be found meeting with young guns throughout the period to make their pitches for them to play abroad during the following season. Such offers seemed to be worthwhile at times, as even a player like NBADL M.V.P. Andrew Goudelock ventured overseas this season.

Just as such recruiting was going on during NBA Summer League, there are international and pro personnel from others league on hand to take in (or at least pay special attention remotely to) all of the action at the Showcase this week.

As a prime example, earlier this week NBA vet and Los Angeles D-Fenders high-flyer Jamario Moon signed a contract with Olympiacos in Greece. He had spent parts of the past three seasons playing for L.A. in the NBADL.