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2014-15 Season NBA D-League Team Preview: Bakersfield Jam

New, 1 comment helps basketball fans preview the 2014-15 NBA D-League season with its overview of the Bakersfield Jam.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

How did the Bakersfield Jam do last season?

The Jam missed the playoffs last season after standing tall as the league's top seed in the campaign prior. That said, then head coach Will Voigt led them to quite the finish, though it wasn't enough to break in after all.

How will they be this season?

The Jam have plenty of returning players in town, but this still stands to be a different year, nonetheless. Head Coach Nate Bjorkgren has joined the fun as Bakersfield enters an exclusive NBA/D-League partnership for the fist time, with the Phoenix Suns.

The good news is that the minor league club will continue to flourish into a key development tool for Jeff Hornacek and his big league staff. On the flip side, it'll be interesting to see if the minor league club will be able to develop continuity, all the while seeing plenty of Suns' assignees come and go throughout the year.

Who is the most likely call-up?

Elijah Millsap is one of the few new faces in Bakersfield, but he may very well stand to offer an NBA team the most. A steady defensive presence who is quick enough to keep up with an array of different guards, Milsap also boasts a boatload of confidence when it comes to attacking the rim and putting up shots. He certainly isn't shy, but luckily, has the ice in his veins necessary to back up such boldness.

Who is the most likely assignee?

Already assigned to the Jam as the D-League season begins, fans can expect to see a lot of Tyler Ennis over the course of this season. Still a young and raw prospect, the Syracuse product could benefit from extra reps on the court. Luckily for Bakersfield, the Suns can't really afford to provide him with many, as other experienced floor generals already grace the big league roster.

Will Nate Bjokgren coach his way up to a promotion to the Suns?

Coach Bjokgren is one of the league's best head coaches. He's a great communicator, is dedicated to his players, and loves getting invested within the community and infrastructure of his respective organization.

After serving as head coach of the Energy, a team that previously hosted multiple affiliates, the coach has returned to perhaps a more stable setting with a team currently engaged in a single-partnership. Should he be able to lead the Jam back to greatness, Coach Bjokgren (who served on the Suns' NBA Summer League team) could very well go on to earn even more favor with the big league club.