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Report: Miami Heat Prepared to Call Up Hassan Whiteside

Hassan Whiteside has mangled the D-League so far this season for the Iowa Energy and has earned the right to be in the NBA, as the Heat are preparing to call-up the big man.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat's front court has been something of an anomaly, especially when the Big Three era was intact. The center position was ignored, mostly with fill-in players that didn't have much upside. Chris Bosh has taken over a lot of duties in the post for the Miami Heat, but there are still holes to be filled. With that being said, the Heat are looking to the D-League to clog the gap in the front court.

Per Marc Stein of ESPN, the Heat are preparing to call up Hassan Whiteside from the D-League.

The call-ups from the D-League have been frequent this season, even though the season is only a few weeks old. Whiteside will be another name to add to the list, after a scorching start to the season while playing with the Iowa Energy. The 7-footer has averaged 22 points, 15.7 rebounds and 5.3 blocks per game in three games with the Energy. He's converting 86 percent of his baskets, to give an idea of how dominate he's been. The sample is small, but it was enough for the Miami Heat to take notice.

A former second-round pick of the Sacramento Kings in 2010, Whiteside has been traveling back and forth between the NBA and the D-League quite a bit this season. The Energy acquired Whiteside from the RGV Vipers on November 1 in a trade, then he was called up by the Memphis Grizzlies on November 19. The Grizzlies sent Whiteside back to the D-League the next day, placing his contract on waivers and Whiteside became a free agent on November 22. That's a lot of movement in a few days and this report appears to have Whiteside headed back to the NBA once again.