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Report: Utah Jazz Set to Sign Patrick Christopher from Iowa Energy

According to ESPN's Marc Stein, Patrick Christopher could be the 10th Gatorade Call-Up of the season.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the Utah Jazz suprised a lot of people by snatching a victory from the vaunted San Antonio Spurs 90-86, and then an even bigger surprise was dropped after the game.

If this comes to fruition, it will be the 10th Gatorade Call-Up of the year and the D-League is barely 10 games into the season! Last season there were a record 49 call-ups and at this time last year there had only been four, so we are definitely on pace to see another new record for D-League players moving up to The Association.

Through seven games this year Christopher is averaging 15 points a night for Iowa with splits of 44/39/63. As of this morning he was tied for 47th in the league in scoring, which lets you know that NBA teams are not merely looking at statistics when considering a player. It's easy to get caught up in the big stats of some guys, but scouts look at much, much more than overall production so it makes these call-ups very difficult to predict.

It is interesting that the Jazz would look at Christopher now however, because over his last three games he is only scoring 6.3 points a night. This coincides with less playing time after the addition of Jordan Hamilton as well. Either way, it looks like Christopher is on his way to join the Jazz to help bolster that young bench.

One last tidbit -- this will be the fifth Gatorade Call-Up for the Iowa Energy already this season! Kalin Lucas has been called up twice by the Memphis Grizzlies (and subsequently waived) and Hassan Whiteside has one call-up with the Grizzlies before the Miami Heat signed him.