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International Scouts Ready To Settle In For 2015 NBA D-League Showcase

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With the 2015 NBA D-League Showcase coming up, international staffers will come to town hoping to snatch up a select few D-Leaguers for their teams abroad, even if that means paying up the necessary hefty buyout fee to do so.

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This past fall, the majority of NBA teams aimed to sign a slew of respective talented young guns to training camp contracts. While such players may not have necessarily stood a fair chance at breaking onto the big league roster, the camp invitations themselves served as a means for these youngsters to earn more money heading into the regular season, as a way of circumventing the lower level D-League salaries.

Gaining a bit more financial security while having some extra cash in their pockets to begin the season undoubtedly helps forthcoming minor league players feel better about playing in the D-League --- after all, the NBADL provides its participants with the best type of exposure possible.

Needless to say, as some of the more talented players continue to perform at a high level, key decision-makers from all around the world take notice.

While eventually breaking into The Association may be the ultimate dream for most, if not all of the D-League's athletes, the fact of the matter remains that taking advantage of such a potential gig is all but a pipe dream for the masses of players strutting their stuff in the minor league. With the NBA season already in full swing, there simply isn't as much room for roster flexibility.

With that in mind, international scouts and executives alike still come calling, even midseason. Such teams from overseas often have to pay hefty buyout fees to order to acquire an NBADL player and have him respectively let out of his current contract, but if the talent and production is there, the offer is still likely to be, too.

The D-League's annual Showcase is a great way for each and every minor league to put their talents of display and garner the most consideration for a call-up or promotion of sorts.

As fate would have it, international staffers know this just as well as NBA ones do; perhaps even more so, at a crucial time like this. While big league staffers take their time and ponder which young gun they should pull the trigger with and take a chance on in the weeks to come, decision-makers from overseas come to observe the Showcase as well, multiple sources confirm to Many of them are poised to attempt and snatch up worthwhile talent midway through, or shortly following the Showcase, if necessary.

Last season, Jamario Moon departed the D-League to take advantage of a deal in Greece around this time of year as well.

Of course, such offers are more likely to be made following NBA Summer League so players can start their respective campaigns abroad and these overseas are not forced to pay out for the hefty buyout fees. But this is still a potential occurrence, if not even more so, an assumed likelihood, as international personnel settle in for the 2015 NBADL Showcase later next month.