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Brady Heslip Has Change of Heart, Opts to Stay in States

After reports stated that Brady Heslip opted to go overseas and play in Turkey, it now appears that the Bighorns guard will be staying in the states.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few days ago, it was reported that D-League sharpshooter Brady Heslip decided to take his sniping skills to Turkey, instead of holding out for an NBA call-up. It's a virtual certainty that Heslip was going to be in the NBA at some point with him shooting 49 percent from three and averaging 27.4 points per game for the Reno Bighorns. However, it seemed that the former Baylor guard couldn't wait for an NBA call-up. Heslip going overseas was met with sadness, because he was on the cusp of reaching the NBA dream.

That was until today, when ESPN's Marc Stein reported that Brady Heslip has decided to stay stateside and wait for his call-up. Who knows what changed Heslip's mind, but one would have to imagine that an NBA club was in contact and told him to stay. Remember, 10-day contracts are available starting January 5, which is just a few days away. With Heslip staying in America, it would be shocking if he didn't earn a call-up when the clock strikes midnight on January 5.