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Bleacher Report Lead Writer Howard Beck Joins Podcast #11

Bleacher Report Lead Writer Howard Beck joins the latest podcast to discuss how Adam Silver's prospective ideas could impact the D-League going forward and more.

Patrick McDermott

On a special edition of the Podcast, myself (Keith Schlosser) and RU contributor Dakota Schmidt will welcome Bleacher Report Lead Writer Howard Beck to the show.

We'll record live on a rare Tuesday night edition, beginning at our usual time of 9PM EST / 6PM PST.

New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver comes into office with plenty of worthwhile goals and new ideas. One of those very initiatives is likely raising the age limit of the NBA Draft to 20 years old. With the success of young guns like Glen Rice Jr. last season, and P.J. Hairston this year, such a new development is surely to impact the D-League for better or for worse.

Would more youngsters be inclined to stay in the minor league for two seasons, or will such a longterm commitment motivate them to go overseas sooner than later?

Fresh off an exclusive interview with Silver, Beck calls in to talk about all that and more, including his D-League impressions.

The Ridiculous Upside staff will continue the discussion by pondering how the passing of the NBA trade deadline will impact the minor league and its players in the weeks to come. Will there be an increased number of NBA call-ups as teams aim to fill existent voids on their squads in preparation of the postseason?

For more, make sure you tune in and give us a listen by clicking here.