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Reports: Pierre Jackson Headed Overseas If No Deal Is Made By NBA Trade Deadline

With the hours until the NBA trade deadline running out, NBA D-League star Pierre Jackson has reportedly agreed to a contract in Turkey, should his draft rights not be traded by the New Orleans Pelicans.


On Wednesday night, floor general Dee Bost stole the show for the short-handed Idaho Stampede,proving that he could potentially carry his team if need be without D-Leaugue star Pierre Jackson.

Ironically enough, if the most recent rumors are true, he may have to start doing that a little bit more often.

Rumors have begun to swirl that Jackson has signed to play in Turkey. Arguably the best player the D-League has seen all season, Jackson's NBA Draft rights are held by the New Orleans Pelicans, who traded for them last summer. This means that the Pelicans are the only NBA team that could sign him via a call-up, unless his rights are first traded to another NBA squad beforehand.

Should the NBA trade deadline pass on Thursday afternoon without a deal involving Jackson taking place, he would theoretically be "stuck" in the D-League for the rest of the season, unless New Orleans has a change of heart and opts to sign him themselves.

Prior to the start of the season, Jackson and New Orleans could not come to agreement on a contract. Jackson signed overseas to play in France, but soon after made his way back home to the states instead. The Pelicans likely filled the existent holes on the roster last summer while believing Jackson would indeed play international ball this season. They had planned to be without him, so perhaps they aren't as inclined to bring him in at this point.

As this source happens to note, such a deal overseas for Jackson has been put in place (only) if the guard's draft rights are not traded. Will the Pelicans feel the pressure to deal him, or will they let him go overseas, knowing full well they still own such rights anyway?

Such a contract would reportedly keep Jackson overseas through June.

Kudos to our pal Gino Pilato, who predicted such a development late Wednesday night.