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Foursome of D-League Prospects Called Up Following NBA Trade Deadline

On Friday, Troy Daniels received an NBA call-up, and the likes of Dewayne Dedmon and Adonis Thomas are likely next.


On Thursday, when the NBA trade deadline passed, Pacers' turned 76ers swingman Danny Granger stood tall as the highest profile name changing addresses.

Needless to say, aside from the oft-inured Granger being dealt, it was an otherwise uneventful day to close out trading season. Thus, not as many teams were able to fill the existent voids on their rosters as would have liked. With the time to begin developing worthwhile momentum towards a postseason being right now, where else should NBA teams look for players who can step in and help provide that necessary boost?

The answer here is simple: the NBA D-League.

In the weeks to come, we should continue to see the rate of NBA call-ups from the minor league rise. That's because with no more trades to be had, the D-League represents the best pool of players NBA teams now have to choose from for outside help.

Such a suggestion was further proven on Friday, as rumors (and even confirmations in some instances) began to swirl surrounding three likely promotions.

The Orlando Magic are being proactive about plucking two of the D-League's more promising young guns from the minor league. They're reportedly poised to sign both Dewayne Dedmon of the Santa Cruz Warriors and Adonis Thomas of the Springfield Armor to ten-day contracts.

Having played out two ten-day contracts with the 76ers earlier this season, Dedmon has gotten a taste of life in The Association already. Talented big men are difficult to come by, however, making the young gun a hot commodity. A ferocious rebounder, Dedmon knows how to use his physicality to assert himself on both ends of the floor, and likes to use his long arms to pester opponents inside. He arguably has the most potential of any center in all of the D-League.

On the other hand, Thomas would be getting his first shot in the NBA following some time with the Brooklyn Nets in training camp. This sharpshooter is efficient as they come (as evidenced by his 47% shooting from downtown this season) and could stand to help any NBA team spread the floor quite well. His skill-set is one that will likely prove to be valuable in The Association.

Keeping in mind those with proven skill-sets similar to Thomas, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers' Troy Daniels has been making it rain from long range all season long. He's offensive prowess has made him a perfect fit for Nevada Smith's unique system. His ability to shoot the lights out has kept Rockets' brass interested all season long.

On Friday night, the love fest continued as the two sides made things official. The Rockets announced their signing of Daniels. Coincidentally enough, they subsequently assigned him to the Vipers. Similar procedures have previously been carried out with the likes of Patrick Beverley and Greg Smith. This could also be due to the fact that other teams may have had the sharpshooter on their radar as well.

UPDATE (01:59PM EST on 2/21/2014): The Cavaliers have also announced the signing of NBA D-League All-Star  Arinze Onuaku (from the Cleveland affiliated Canton Charge) to a ten-day contract.