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Recap of Podcast #12: Agent BJ Bass of RBA Sports

Basketball agent BJ Bass of the RBA Sports returns to the to talk NBA D-League basketball.

RBA Sports

On Monday evening, the staff welcomed back the inaugural guest of the RU Podcast, BJ Bass of RBA Sports, back to the show.

In a short and sweet thirty-minute edition of the show, Bass joined us to discuss a number of different pressing topics.

Earlier this season, Bass was looking forward to watching the progression of client Kyle Hunt with the Austin Toros. However, just prior to the NBA D-League Showcase, the team acquired NBA veteran Dexter Pittman, making Hunt the odd man out.

Should veterans be able to return to the states on the fly and join the D-League midseason after playing overseas? What does that mean for those youngsters who have previously committed to the league from the get go, and are now left out in the cold in favor of such other players? What may the solution for such an obstacle be?

Bass shares his thoughts on the issue, and asserts what he believes could provide an answer that is best for everyone involved. What's more, the agent discusses the rise of sharpshooting client, who has recently been thrust into a steady role with solid playing time for the league-leading Rio Grande Valley Vipers.

To hear what Bass had to say and give our most recent show a listen, make sure to click here.