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Orlando Sanchez Ready to Explore Options In Hopes of Breaking Into the NBA

After a solid senior campaign at St. John's University, versatile forward Orlando Sanchez has declared for the NBA Draft. His intriguing skill-set makes him a young gun worth keeping an eye on.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Heading into the 2013-14 season, CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein praised St. John's forward Orlando Sanchez's versatility, suggesting he could be the school's most skilled player in the forthcoming year.

Now, after seemingly validating Rothstein's notion, Sanchez will look to capitalize on a solid senior campaign at St. John's.

Widely recognized as an X-Factor for his school by many college analysts, the forward averaged 7.4 points (on 51% from the field), 5.6 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks this past season. At 6'9" and 220 pounds, Sanchez displays an intriguing skill set not known to many players his size. He has an impressive mid-range jumper from all around the perimeter. His long arms help him pester opposing scorers. Perhaps most intriguing of all, Sanchez has terrific hands and displays steady court-vision for a big man.

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Needless to say, Sanchez's unique abilities and interesting potential should be enough to turn the heads of (at the very least) a select few NBA executives. With that in mind, Sanchez has declared for the 2014 NBA Draft after signing with BJ Bass of RBA Sports.

The agent added, "I believe Orlando was the best passing big in the country this season. Combined with NBA athleticism, his overall skill set at 6'9" makes him incredibly unique. Whoever takes him is going to get one of the most complete and high character players in the 2014 draft class."

From here on out, Bass indicates that the forward will participate in some pre-draft workouts in the weeks and months to come. Hoping to strut his stuff as means of garnering further consideration as a draft selection, Sanchez already has interest from a handful of NBA teams.

Already a member of the Dominican National Team, Sanchez has professional experience matching up against some of the best players of the world. Having played at St. John's, the young gun made strides over the past season to better ready himself to potentially contribute on the pro level. A mature player, his potential is complemented by a high basketball I.Q.

Sanchez's versatility will likely be enough to garner him some interest from international teams as well. That said, his goal is to play in the NBA. At the very least, teams should give the prospect a further look.

Looking ahead, the forward said, "I had a great experience in the Big East at St. John's. Now my goal is to play in the NBA and I believe I have the ability to get there."

Following the NBA Draft, Sanchez will look to make his mark by competing hard and impressing a team during training camp. If, at that point, he remains as close to breaking in as his skill-set alone suggests, perhaps the big man will be motivated enough to hit the D-League hardwood as a means of allowing a given NBA affiliate to keep close tabs on him while he waits for a call.