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Santa Cruz Warriors' Head Coach Casey Hill Joins Podcast #14

In the midst of a playoff run, Santa Cruz Warriors' head coach Casey Hill joins the staff on their latest podcast. / NBA D-League

The Podcast returns right in time for some NBA D-League postseason debate, hot topics, and highlights.

As we look back at what was a competitive first-round in the minor league, myself (Keith Schlosser) and Dakota Schmidt will kick our show off by featuring an interview with Santa Cruz Warriors' coach Casey Hill.

We'll return and go live on Wednesday night at 9PM EST / 6PM PST. You can listen in by clicking right here.

The first-year head coach will discuss what went right for Santa Cruz in the first round, what lies ahead against the run and gun Rio Grande Valley Vipers, the impact of a couple of Golden State assignees, and more.

In addition to examining playoff competition, we'll also use such time to take a look back at this past season in the D-League and ponder some potential end of the year award winners.

Helping us do that, as he too shares his thoughts, will be fellow RU writer Matthew Hochberg. He'll also be calling in later on in the hour.

As always, make sure to tune in and give us a listen by clicking here.