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Filed under: Podcast #15 Recap: Examining the NBA D-League Finals's latest podcast should serve as an NBA D-League Finals primer and preview.

Dennis Grombkowski

In anticipation of the NBA D-League Finals, hosted its fifteenth podcast from this season as a means of previewing the year's final matchup.

Helping Keith Schlosser and Dakota Schmidt do just that were a trifecta or talented and/or qualified individuals.

First up was RU alumni Gino Pilato of, following by Reggie Hayes of The News-Sentinel out in Fort Wayne, before we concluded concluding with Adam Johnson of

It was important to provide readers/listeners with a more intimate look at each respective remaining team's journey thus far, highlighting what it's taken for each one to get to where they are. The local writers who happened to call in know their area's teams better than anybody. As somebody who covers the D-League at large quite well throughout the season, the well-rounded Pilato's take was just as valuable as well.

To see what Schlosser, Schmidt, and the rest of their guests had to say, including a roundtable filled with some Finals predictions, click here to listen for more.