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Recap of #16: An 2013-14 NBA D-League Season Review

IBL Commissioner Sharleen Graf joined the staff for their sixteenth podcast.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Just two days removed from seeing the NBA D-League crown a new champion, the staff hosted its latest podcast to discuss a bevy of hot topics, one most notably, of course, being the minor league postseason.

As the Fort Wayne Mad Ants embrace such glory and another season comes to a close, basketball fans are sure to get an itch to watch some fun, unique, and promising prospects hit the hardwood and strut their stuff. And for those fans that enjoy keeping an eye on those young guns who are continuously on a basketball grind of sorts, there's no better place to look than towards IBL hoops.

With that in mind, IBL Commissioner Sharleen Graf called in and joined the staff for nearly an entire episode. For any basketball fan interested in what this alternative summer minor league is all about, the beginning of our conversation is a must.

From there on out, Graf discusses her role and the never-ending goal to continue growing the IBL into a respectable and beneficial league for all involved. There's undoubtedly a development process to things, but perhaps even more refreshing, the Commissioner explains how she and the league lend a helping hand and assist their players in furthering their respective careers year-around, helping them develop as people as well as business professionals.

Each and every year, IBL alumni move on up to the D-League or elsewhere. The league also provides a handful of NBADL players with a place to play ball over the summer months if desired. As such, Graf is a passionate basketball fan who appreciates the NBADL herself as well.

Graf assists in this episode as we reflect back upon this past D-League campaign, ponder what could be next for the league, and recognize some of the year's top standouts (Mad Ants' forward Tony Mitchell was one of Graf's favorites).

What's more, listeners will also have an opportunity to hear what an executive in Graf's position had to say about Donald Sterling most recent controversial comments.

In any event, this episode is truly a treat for any passionate and/or curious fan looking to learn more and soak in some interesting prospectives on different aspects of the basketball business.

To give us a listen and hear more, be sure to click here.