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New York Knicks Reveal NBA D-League Team Name and Logo

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The Knicks revealed the team name and logo for its new NBA D-League affiliate.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night in Westchester, the New York Knicks' organization took to the new stomping grounds of its minor league affiliate to reveal the new team name and logo for one of the NBA D-League newest squads.

While hosting an open house to help familiarize local fans with the new team, the Knicks also revealed much about the minor league affiliate's new identity. And as fate would have it, the team name sounds a tad bit familiar.

This is because the two are basically one in the same. The name of the D-League affiliate is officially the "Westchester Knicks.

To see the new logo, you can also go on and click here. For more information, you can visit the team's official Twitter account @WCKnicks.